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August 08

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Maxfactor fesses up – kind of.

I saw a new Maxfactor ad on the telly and it made me crease. It was for a mascara and was pretty generic, catwalk, bulbs flashing, models pouting and applying. The fabulous thing about this ad was a discreet 2 second flash of these words on the corner of the screen “Enhanced in post production.”

Fairly cryptic to the non – media weary eye isn’t it? Were they referring to the massive amount of photoshopping perhaps?

What they should have wrote is: “Deluded mascara wearers of the world, the mascara will not make you have the same eye’s as this model, because, she doesn’t even have them. The magical pixel fairies created them with their photowand. Some pressure group made us tell you this. Buh Bye Sucker.”

They need to be doing this shit with all adverts purely for our amusement. Lynx should be next me thinks.

Blink and you might miss it…

Picture perfect. Google Love

I spent a couple of day’s fiddling around with on-line image host’s trying to share and upload some purdy pictures.

I ended up trying Photobucket and Flickr but I had a lot of grief because of bandwidth issues or something.

Four hours on and one major headache later, between the two site’s I had uploaded…wait for it…. 1 image.

In a last ditch attempt, I downloaded Picasa, which is Google’s foray into image management and it’s bloody awesome for a free piece of software.

It organises all your photo’s into one place at a click of a button, will reduce 9 megapixel images without losing quality and it even has basic editing capabilities.

The funny thing was, I had trawled the web for hours, looking for advice on which uploader to use, and not one mentioned Picasa which turned out to be my saviour.

Hook yo self up — >

My new frency fancy. I’m sorry Yelle, it’s over.

Copyright - RosieRoguerre 2008

Copyright - RosieRoguerre 2008

For those of you that read culturejamjar, you will know that I covered The Big Chill in Eastnor last weekend  –

Leonard Cohen’s performance was by far the most moving, monumental even but I came away from the festival with a new french fancy by then name of Camille.

She bounced onto the stage rocking an orange poncho/smock giggling  “Ello, I am the froggie” and then performed an quirky, funny and passionate set which included her beatboxing her openings and making a sea of people miaow and bark.

She’s been around for a while, but until Sunday was new to me, I would recommend going to see her play, she is a fabulous oddball.

Not good enough for your little princess.

Spotted: 12 shelves full of really cute black barbie dolls, Ken Style wearing a cute little tuxedo and a gorgeous little smile. The box is adorned with italic writing conveying messages of love but this army of adorable man dolls cant even be sold for one pound.

The doll isn’t a miniature ODB or Fiddy pee, it’s pretty much like any other Barbie Doll that usually sells for a tenner plus –   perfectly formed an unrealistic beauty. The only difference from the traditional Ken is that the doll in question is a lovely chocolate brown but he still retains the ocean blue peepers.

So why aren’t the mummies out there buying them? I know that everybody is having a fit over the credit crunch but surely 99p wouldn’t hurt…

Personally I’ve never even liked Barbie Dolls, I was always too jealous of her perfect straight blond locks and Malibu Pied de Terre and as a teenager clasping a copy of the feminist manifesto, I began to view the doll as a symbol of Gender oppression and corporate evils.

I did feel a little sad when I saw that nobody was touching them with a barge pole, twas a startling revelation on the attitudes towards race amongst the toy buying public in Britain today.

Snag Films – I like where this is going.

On Snag you can watch full length documentaries for free, it’s completely legal and it allows you to place the movies on your website and that’s the idea, it creates a media network in which everybody can participate, the website is currently in Beta and already has a few tasty little pieces for your perusal such as:


Run Granny Run

Under Our Skin

Paper Clips

(You get the picture)

I’m having problems with the streaming, but that may be that my current Internet streaming ability is equal to that of an old man taking a piss who has ‘Prostate’ issues.

Below is a decent little interview with one of the creators.

and the website its self.